How much does it cost?

  • $104,990 to $135,990
  • Click here to see the full price list.

Do you have stock?

We aim to have stock, however typically a vehicle is sold before it reaches our production line.


What models are there?

  • S - Single, King & Crew Cab
  • SV - Single, King & Crew Cab
  • Platinum Reserve - Crew Cab only

Engine Specs - S, SV & Platinum Reserve

5.0L V8 Twin Turbo Diesel Cummins engine

310 HP

752nM Torque

6 speed AISIN automatic


Towing Capacity

  • Rated to a maximum of 5.4t (4.5t on a Towbar)

Tray Sizes

King Cab & Crew Cab - 6ft 6” long

Single Cab - 8ft long


Length, Width & Height & Payload

Click this link to see the dimensions & payload of the various models of the Nissan Titan.


What options are available

  • On this brochure, Go to Page 9 to choose your model and then Page 5 to choose the colour.
  • Our most popular model is the Platinum Reserve
  • A list of accessories are available here.
  • We can get any configuration that you request, however typically speaking if you are willing to compromise on some options you are more likely to secure a better deal

SCD American vehicles

what you need to know about us

What’s the Lead Time?

  • If we find the right car for you that’s already built in the US / Canada, it will take 3.5 months
  • If we need to order you a new car from the factory - 5 months


How long does it take to find a car?

  • As fast as overnight and as long as 21 days

What’s the process of buying a car with SCD?

  • You pay $1,000 deposit
  • We find a car
  • You pay for the car + shipping + GST
  • We ship the car
  • We convert the car
  • You pay the conversion fee
  • You own the car

Can I drive my car as Left Hand Drive on the road?

  • No. Only if you’re on a race track or private property, but if you want to drive your car on the public roads in Australia, you will need to convert it to right hand drive.

Do you ship cars overseas?

Yes. We have exporting vehicles to multiple clients including Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong and South Africa. Need a right hand conversion? We’re your guys!


Can I get accessories?

Yes. Check out the accessories page for your vehicle.


How long does the conversion take?

  • It takes us 1 week to convert the car. 40-50 man hours of work. The conversion can be completed in as little as 1 week and

Where do I get my vehicle serviced?

  • You can get it serviced by anyone you trust without voiding the warranty. We recommend you get it serviced every 12 months or as per the kilometres outlined in the warranty service booklet. We can also service the vehicle for you.

What’s the warranty?

  • 3 Years, 100,000km bumper to bumper, manufacturer’s warranty

I got my car converted elsewhere. Can you fix it for me?

Yes. We are the preferred warranty repairer for National Warranties Australia (NWA). NWA provide a 3rd party warranty solution for all grey imports (i.e. American vehicles).


Why should we buy from you?

Because people who buy elsewhere, don't always have the best experience. Since we adopted our contemporary conversion method, we have not seen one of our vehicles come back in unless it was for a service. We have the most effective & reliable conversion process in the game and are proud to help those who weren’t satisfied elsewhere. Since 2015 we have had 0 returns.


Do you handle the Compliance?

Yes we do. We have 2 x Federal Compliance Engineers in house to service all your compliance needs.


What happens if I break down and am not local to SCD American Vehicles?

Easy done. We’ll come to you or we’ll sort out for you to come to us.


I’ve had an accident. How do I get new panels?

We’ll use a donor vehicle or we’ll have to order in the right panel(s) directly from the US. Either way, we got you covered.


Do you hold Spare Parts?

Yes. We always stock the vehicle componentry for all of our models.


How do you do the dashboard?

We completely pull off the dashboard and begin the conversion process. Certain parts are 3D printed and then it is hand assembled re-upholstered using the exact same factory material. You would never know that it was originally Left Hand Drive.


Do you do trade ins?

Yes. The real question is - do you do trade ins?


The vehicle I want isn’t listed on your website?

Give us a call and we’ll see if we can help you.